The Determined helps companies tackling climate launch creative solutions faster than traditional design studios.

You’re an impact driven organization, big or small, focusing on the following areas.

+ Landscape regeneration

+ Preservation of wildlife & nature

+ New energy infrastructure & technologies

+ Food & agriculture systems

+ New business & economic models

+ Creating a 21st century education system

We’re a collective of badass creatives. We put dreams teams together based on your goals and desired deliverables to co-create experiments with you and your team.

No matter what, this is what you get when you jam with us:

+ One or two-day custom hands-on workshop

+ A bunch of smart people in a room

+ A dream team to build out your vision

+ Rad creative exercises

+ Discovery of new opportunities

+ Unconventional, fun, and cool solutions

+ Tangible outcomes

+ A clear roadmap of next steps

Some of the people we’ve jammed with

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