Make breakthroughs faster. Change the world for the better.

We don’t have time to do business the old-fashioned way. We partner with rebels and misfits ready to tackle the gnarly problems humanity faces today.

We’re looking for leaders passionate about tackling climate change, especially through:

+ Landscape regeneration

+ Preservation of wildlife and nature

+ Food systems

+ New energy infrastructure & technologies

+ Creating a 21st century education system

So, what are you up to…

Creating a world
changing business?

Design services & strategy

Planning an
impactful event?

Facilitation & creative exercise design

No matter what, this is what you get when you jam with us:

+ A bunch of smart people in a room
+ Rad creative exercises
+ Discovery of new opportunities
+ Unconventional, fun, and cool solutions
+ Tangible outcomes
+ A clear roadmap of next steps
+ A dream team to build out your vision

Some of the people we’ve jammed with

Facilitating conversations to help align board members on future visions.

Brand and strategy to build a platform that creates a more ecological civilization.

Facilitating ways to build a platform to scale 100 Sustainable Landscapes.

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