What we jam on

The Determined partners with people working on gnarly social and environmental problems to take their moonshot idea and make it happen. We help them tell their stories in a clear and exciting way so that they influence the right people and get the support they need.

We use design strategy, a “get shit done” attitude, and a deep network of designers and makers to help with things like;

+ Creative idea generation & facilitation
+ Laser-focused resonant messaging
+ Rapid and iterative prototyping
+ Quick guerilla customer development
+ Powerful brand design
+ Massive marketing strategy creation
+ Successful & sustainable product or service development
+ Compelling pitch deck creation

Who we jam with

We work with purpose-driven organizations, like the ones below, who have the guts to challenge existing systems, products, and services by inventing crazy, cool, and truly! innovative approaches to help move the human species forward.

We stand out because…

+ We bring a punk rock approach to social innovation; fighting for causes we believe in, questions existing systems, and the DIY mindset.
+ We work with you side-by-side from the concept phase through execution — we’re not tossing things over a wall, we’re rolling up our sleeves together.
+ We bring our life experiences and backgrounds into the work we do, no matter how odd or random that might be.
+ We are the anti-agency for people who are wanting something different, flexible, faster, or unconventional.
+ We have a deep network of talented creatives at the ready to put together the best team for every job.
+ We partner with clients who are also rebels and risk takers—the ones with the crazy ideas that challenge the status quo.

The Collective

We are huge fans of the independent and freelance economy. We work with talented makers to dream up, design, and launch creative endeavors—whether it’s client work or our own. We are designers, strategists, developers, researchers, photographers, copywriters, storytellers, business professionals, and the like. For each project, we put together a dream team of makers based on the challenge and potential outcomes. We have an amazing network and we’re not afraid to use it.

About the founders

Marc O’Brien

Marc is a designer, design strategist, and creative facilitator who has been in the social design space since 2009. He’s an active member of Project M, lead strategist behind The Social Good Guides, creator of Hey! What’s good in _?, GOOD SF local leader, and is currently developing Secret Project at California College of the Arts. His work focuses on social innovation, human-centered design, and purpose-driven initiatives that create positive change in the world.

Sarah Harrison

Sarah comes from the startup world, leading design and development at consumer companies like TaskRabbit and True&Co. She became a design educator in 2015, mentoring aspiring UX designers through General Assembly, Bloc, and Whitespace, and became a trainer at the Prototype Thinking Academy, helping entrepreneurs prototype and test their ideas. She focuses on efficient strategies, collaborative and agile team workflows, and working hard on problems that matter.

We’re looking for a business expert who understands the value design and creativity can have for organizations, especially in the social innovation space. Learn more.

Home page hero image by Abigail Lynn.