Case Study: Carrot

A quick-turnaround on a full product demo, making the dream of a guided, supportive fertility experience a tangible vision

Carrot is a new fertility service providing women with the information and support they need to take advantage of fertility benefits their employers provide. After navigating the overwhelming, confusing, and expensive process of egg-freezing on her own, Carrot’s co-founder knew there’s a need to provide support for women going through fertility treatments. Now she needed to make her vision tangible so she could convince benefit providers to partner with her.
We spent two days together facilitating a custom workshop to help Carrot understand their target market, develop key product features, and build a customer journey that would empower beneficiaries. With a woman’s health expert and a talented designer on our dream team, we helped the Carrot team build a product demo they could sell to potential partners.

How might we demonstrate a professional and intimate user experience that enables employees of partner companies to manage their personal future fertility outcomes?

Approach: Day 1

We kicked off the project with a two-day jam session. We recruited a small team to round off the Carrot founding team — Sally, design researcher and strategist who has worked on a number of projects in the women’s health space, and Amy, an art director and designer with over 15 years of experience.
We developed our first workshop to deep dive into Carrot’s target market, doing extensive empathy mapping supplemented by the user research Carrot has already done to help us really understand the needs and concerns of Carrot’s ideal end user.
We created a second workshop to help them ideate around the ideal product experience, from the user’s point of view, utilizing customer journey maps to help us visualize each step along the path of interacting with the Carrot product.
Finally, we created some low-fidelity prototype screens to rapidly test on a few local people who matched our ideal end user persona. This enabled us to rapidly validate our ideas and iterate towards even better solutions.

Day 2

On the second day, we brought the team back together and discussed what we learned in our prototype testing. We made iterations to our sketches and began developing a clearer idea of the needed features and the way a user would flow through the product.
We then got together for another workshop on brand personality and look & feel. We analyzed competitors and looked at inspiration to create a mood board of images and colors that created the vibe we felt best suited Carrot’s mission and ideal customer. We came to consensus on messaging strategies, discussing the appropriate voice & tone for the key messaging throughout the product,
With this foundation in place, we allowed our designer, Amy, to create a UI kit and quick brand guidelines, while we wrapped up our two-day jam session by discussing the timeline and milestones for the remainder of the work to build the product demo.
With a strong basis of consensus and a solid outline of the features and flow we envisioned together, Amy and the Carrot team were able to quickly implement the product demo over the next two weeks. Marc and Sarah continued to check in regularly and make sure the strategic vision we built together during the jam session was being maintained throughout the implementation, and that everything was proceeding on time.


Day 1:
+ Understand the current fertility health experience and opportunity through empathy mapping
+ Come to an agreement about Carrot’s ideal end-user experience from the user’s point of view through customer journey mapping +
Agree on the key moments to highlight in sales conversations and product demos
+ Prototype & test interface ideas to enable some of these key moments
Day 2:
+ Iterate and finalize our vision of the ideal end-user experience
+ Agree on a roadmap to achieving a professional and polished product demo with a look & feel that represents Carrot’s vision and meets the expectations of the end user


1. Empathize
Who is Carrot’s ideal end user? What are these people like, what do they do, how do they think? What are their concerns, questions, and needs? What is it like when they’re considering freezing their eggs or undergoing other fertility treatments?

+ Empathy Map

2. Define
What are the steps Carrot takes users through when they are researching and going through egg freezing? What do they need to know, when, and how can we make it simple? What impression does the product’s look & feel or voice & tone need to make on the user to make them comfortable?

+ Customer Journey Map
+ Brand Personality

3. Ideate
What screens are needed to complete these steps? How might we present the information in an easy way without overwhelming the user?

+ Prototype

4. Test
What first impressions are we leaving on people? Does the flow make sense? Are our assumptions correct?

+ User Testing
+ Iterate


This 2-day immersion worked so well because we worked alongside the MPN team while a diverse team of professionals added their talent and viewpoints to the core team discussions.
Facilitation & Strategy:
+ Marc O’Brien
+ Sarah Harrison
Dream team:
+ Sally Yee, design researcher and strategist
+ Amy Olson, art director and designer


Product Demo

Amy worked alongside the Carrot team to produce a clickable product demo as well as a style guide, illustrations, and beautiful mockups of the Carrot experience.

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