Need help facilitating a group? Awesome, we love doing that.

What we do:

+ Help you design a powerful collaborative agenda for the duration of your event
+ Design promotional material
+ Design visuals for the event (physical signage and/or slide deck)
+ Facilitate creative exercises throughout the event
+ Encourage engagement from guests post-event

What you get:

+ A unique, memorable interactive event with professional branding and experienced facilitators
+ Engaged, empowered participants
+ Low-fidelity prototypes and/or pitches from each participant team — potential beginnings of solutions that can be built out to higher fidelity (link to pitch demo package)
+ Outcomes-based creative exercises to help participants meet event goals and learn skills like;

++ Innovative ideation & problem-solving
++ Rapid prototyping & iteration
++ Customer development & user testing
++ Resonant messaging
++ Pitching

This is for you if you are…

Organizing a lab or hackathon

We’ll help you design and facilitate a custom hackathon or lab event focused on positive change.

Putting on a powerful conference or event

We’ll help you add a unique, interactive component to your conference that your attendees will never forget.

Teaching students social entrepreneurship

We’ll help you design and facilitate a custom hackathon or lab event designed to experientially teach social entrepreneurship to college students.