Let’s get started… But first, here’s what you need to know before working with us.

We created this page to help you determine if we are the right fit for you and your project. The information below has been gathered to help alleviate the back and forth emails and phone calls.

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What we do and what we jam on

We partner with people working on gnarly social and environmental problems to take their moonshot idea and make it happen. We help teams make breakthroughs faster so they can change the world for the better sooner.

We can help you:
+ Name your product
+ Invent a new industry
+ Create powerful brand collateral
+ Plan an outrageous marketing campaign
+ Define & clarify your product or service
+ Rapidly develop & test prototypes
+ Learn deep insights about your customers
+ Create a compelling pitch & collateral
+ Talk persuasively about your product or service
+ Instantly connect with your audience in your messaging
+ Find new opportunities
+ Cover all your bases

We don’t work like other creative studios

First, once we understand your project’s needs, we assemble a dream team of talented independents from our network. Second, in a fun and productive workshop setting, we get everyone in the room to come up with solutions based on the desired goals using our unique creative process. Third, we manage the implementation of these goals, seeing the project through to successful completion.

This “Hollywood model” approach allows us to be agile, flexible, and modular, able to pivot with our clients’ needs and reassemble a new team when new ideas pop up, as often happens in the creative process. We’re able to respond quickly to new discoveries and execute innovative ideas rapidly.

Let’s talk about budget

Getting everyone together in a room for our kickoff meetings takes up resources — both in getting the team to clear their schedules for a large chunk of time and participate in our workshops, and in the cost of getting everyone together and making sure our experts and contributors are compensated for their time.

Rather than looking at it as a cost, we encourage our clients to think of this process as a wise investment. After just one or two days together, we come out with a solid strategy and innovative ideas that would have taken weeks for a more traditional design team to develop, pitch, review, and iterate on for you.

Our workshops are completely custom to your challenges, needs, audience, and goals. We curate the exercises, experts, and contributors in the room based on the experiences that will add the most value to your project.

In our workshops, we help you nail down a solid direction that gets the entire team aligned so they can hit the ground running. This investment up front saves you weeks of time and frustrating rounds of headache, and ensures a smooth execution phase will follow.

Not only do we come up with solutions isolated to the current challenge, we also find that our workshops help uncover holistic insights and opportunities to address other challenges or goals the organization is facing. The investment in one workshop with us also gives you a foundation for stronger future projects, with or without us.

Still have more questions?

Q: Hey, this is exactly what I’m looking for — I need something within a week. Can we start tomorrow?

A: Part of what makes us fast and agile is putting plenty of care into how we start projects. As much as we want to help you meet your deadline, we need some time to prepare and pull together your dream team. Once we get signoff and a deposit, we need at least 2 weeks to plan and prepare our first kickoff event together.


Q: Can we skip the workshop step and get straight to the design?

A: It can be hard to tell because it’s not as tangible, but we actually get about 80% of the design work done while we’re all in the workshop together. The remaining 20% is simple production and goes much more smoothly after going through our process. We’ve been tempted before to skip steps, and we’ve found out the hard way that those skipped steps reveal themselves as obstacles further down the road. These workshops are also a chance for you to influence the direction of the design. We have exercises that help us draw out your insights, ideas, as well as find diamonds of opportunity, serendipity, and truly unique innovations we wouldn’t have thought of outside of a workshop setting.


Q: I have my own designer. Can we use her instead of one of your designers?

A: Absolutely! We want to include everyone on your team, and any other experts we bring in, especially for the creative workshops to set our strategy and help us draw out unique ideas and serendipitous connections we have hidden in our minds. Then we will remain involved via regular check-ins with your team to ensure the project gets done according to plan, filling in any talent from our network if needed.

Does this sound awesome? Are you ready to jam?

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