“I’m struggling to talk about myself and the value of my business.”

“My website has high bounce rates & nobody’s converting.”

“When I talk about my business, people stare at me blankly.”

With our Messaging package, we’ll co-create powerful messaging that resonates.

What you get:

+ Current brand audit: Articulate what’s working and what’s not
+ Customer Profile: Understand your target market
+ Strong messaging pillars to base your strategy on
+ Messaging that hits your audience in the center of their chest and warms their toes
+ Blazing spotlight of clarity and purpose
+ Feel more confident talking about your badass world-changing business
+ Gain feedback from testing your messaging

Project timeline:

2 days + Launch Plan
This package is for you if you have at least one full day to dedicate to your messaging (plus prep and homework) and are willing to invest $5000 into your messaging strategy and education*. Also, it’s best to have a budget to work with a copywriter to execute on the strategy, or are willing to put the time in to create the messaging yourself. Lastly, we need at least two weeks heads up before starting any workshop.
*If you are program manager at an accelerator or incubator with multiple teams who can benefit from this service at once, get in touch with us for a group discount.

Our approach


+ We interview you and your team to get a better sense of your needs

+ We send you light pre-work for you and your team to do before our workshop

+ We put together a dream team based on your challenge and goals


+ Generate lots of ideas

+ Rapidly prototype solutions

+ Discover unknown opportunities


+ We set up a road map to help guide us to launch

+ We continue to work with you to build out the needed collateral

+ We manage the project through to successful completion

Imagine a scientist with all the facts, and data, and numbers on topics that relate to climate change. All that information won’t make anyone care, unless we put a person in the center of that story. Investors, philanthropists, funders, potential partners and clients all need to care about your pitch.

What does this information allow them to do? How does their life change as a result? What’s different in someone’s life, if your product exists? What can they do now, that they couldn’t do before?

This is storytelling. When you tell the story of your business by what it transforms or enables in someone’s life, you start to see their eyes light up. They have an emotional reaction, they become invested, and they start to see themselves becoming involved.

Your messaging needs to help those who will support you see how your work benefits them directly. You need to paint that picture vividly in their minds, and speak to them on a personal level.

P.S. We know this isn’t for everyone. We’re probably not a good match if…

+ You’re shopping around for the lowest prices — we offer results that are far more valuable than the price we put on our services.
+ You needed it done yesterday — we offer a deep holistic strategy in a short amount of time, but it’s not something that can be tacked on at the end of a project. We don’t just add a final layer of “creative polish,” we work with clients from start to finish.
+ You “just need it built” — we are not a “design as service” creative agency. If what you’re building is straightforward with a known end-result, there are plenty of agencies to do that. If you’re creating something new and innovative, we can help.
+ You have it all worked out already — we love helping people solve problems they can’t figure out on their own

The Fine Print: We know a lot of people who are doing good work are bootstrapping, especially when they’re just starting out. We get it. But we don’t want you to borrow against your mortgage to work with us. Check out Funding Your Startup Social Enterprise from Social Good Guides for some strategies to gather funding for your project. We’ll be here for you once that process is complete.

If you’re just starting out and you do want some strategy and advice right now, we’ve created the DIY Launch call, a one-hour coaching call with Marc and Sarah. You can glean some wisdom and tips from our conversation and DIY your own bootstrapped approach.