“I have a great idea for a product or service that will change the world. Now I just need to prove it works.”

“I need to collect feedback on my prototype in a way that helps me iterate and make it better.”

“I don’t know the first thing about prototyping a product and testing it, but I’m excited to learn!”

Let’s rapidly test and validate your business concept with our Prototyping package.

What you get:

+ Education and training on the Prototype Thinking process
+ Two days of guided user testing and coaching with users we help recruit
+ Coaching to help guide iteration and ideation strategy
+ Test your prototype with 6–8 people
+ Guidance through 10–50 iterations to improve your concept
+ Unearth your customer’s deepest concerns and needs
+ Reveal compelling benefits that solve your customer’s pains

Project timeline:

2 Days + optional Sprint
This package is for you if you have two days to dedicate to this process and 2–4 people on your team who are willing to participate in the entire two-day workshop. Also, you need to be willing to invest $12000 in your education and coaching through this process*. Lastly, we need at least two weeks heads up before starting any workshop.
*If you are program manager at an accelerator or incubator with multiple teams who can benefit from this service at once, get in touch with us for a group discount.

Our approach


+ We interview you and your team to get a better sense of your needs

+ We send you light pre-work for you and your team to do before our workshop

+ We put together a dream team based on your challenge and goals


+ Generate lots of ideas

+ Rapidly prototype solutions

+ Discover unknown opportunities


+ We set up a road map to help guide us to launch

+ We continue to work with you to build out the needed collateral

+ We manage the project through to successful completion

Rapidly prototype and test your ideas

When we work together to help you prototype your product or service, we’ll help you find the moments that matter in the eyes of your customers.

We’ll teach you how to test ideas quickly while minimizing bias in your test participants.

We work together to figure out the best strategies for you to move forward with a business that makes an impact in the world. We help you come up with the differentiators that set your company apart from the crowd, so you win the support you need to grow your business.

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