We’ve taken the best components of proven methodologies to make our own remix.

These methodologies of innovation have been implemented in our work for years; working and collaborating with clients, running workshops, teaching students.

The founders of The Determined are experts in both Thinking Wrong and Prototype Thinking, which is the foundation of our Remix creative process.

Thinking Wrong
+ Generates new ideas to challenge the status-quo
+ Eliminates biases to conceive the inconceivable
+ Invites serendipity into the mix
+ Produces lots of ideas 
before locking down
Prototype Thinking
+ Shorten the time to try new ideas
+ Find the moments that matter
+ Prototype at the speed
of thought
+ Front-load risk

Design Thinking
+ Define the right problem to solve
+ Explore ideas tangibly
+ Iterate based on feedback

Lean Startup
+ Minimal Viable Product
+ Test early and often
+ Minimize waste and resources

Human-Centered Design
+ Focus on human needs
+ Empathy develops insights
+ Gain a “worm’s eye view”

Design Thinking Doing.

We’ve hacked the classic Design Thinking process with exercises and experiences we’ve learned over the years. Thinking Wrong is useful at the start of the creative process while Prototype Thinking is great at the end when ideas need to be built.

Get to a good spot. Faster.

We’ve done enough creative projects to know what works and what doesn’t. The way design is done now is great, but we know it can be better. The way people are tackling creative challenges now is exposing a lot of waste, frustration, and failure. Because of this, many ideas never see the light of day.

We can’t help but use our strategic way of thinking to redesign the creative process itself.

Fig 1
What most people think the
creative process is like

Most people think the creative process is linear—you start with an idea, you build it, launch it, and then you’re done. When doing something creative, you are inventing something new. This involves uncertainty which many people are not prepared for.

Fig 2
What the creative
process is really like

The creative process is messy. What ends up happening while working with the uncertainties that inevitably come up during the creative process, are setbacks, new discoveries, shifting deadlines, pivots, confusion, doubt, backtrack, etc.

Fig 3
What the creative process is when
working with The Determined

With us, we take you through exercises designed to speed up and condense the messy part of the creative process so you come out with a stronger direction, a better roadmap, and validated ideas. This gives you a solid foundation to realize your idea and often introduces you to better solutions you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

Marc has worked closely with John Bielenberg since 2009 developing and implementing “think wrong” exercises and approaches while working at Project M and Future.

Sarah mentored under Tom Chi and J Li of Prototyping Thinking Labs, working as a trainer and collaborator, helping to develop the prototype thinking collateral and methods, as well as training entrepreneurs and teams in rapid innovation and testing methods.