The Determined is a creative studio that helps people come up with and launch crazy, cool, and truly innovative solutions that tackle climate change.

In a world that is scrambling to adapt to one of humankind’s most gnarliest problems, you need to stand out and make your impactful solutions as easily approachable and understandable as possible.

You need to build a story and brand that people can relate to and that can get the support from as many people as you can; funders, partners, employees, users, customers.

How do we help?

By building a dream team of experts and makers to help you accomplish your goals. By showing you a new collaborative way of working. By helping you move more quickly and think boldly.

We don’t have time to do business the old-fashioned way. We partner with rebels and misfits ready to tackle the gnarly problems humanity faces today.

This will be hard work. It starts with The Determined mindset.

We are a collective

We are made up of designers, strategists, educators, creative facilitators, and the like with skills and talents that can get you where you want to go, sooner. Some of our collaborators include;

Carl Bean-Larson Art Director + Graphic Designer
Matthew Abrams Entrepreneurial Consultant
David Bill Design Strategist

Sally Yee Strategist + Researcher
Ben Snyder Innovation Consultant
Roslyn Coutinho Graphic Designer

Our work has even more impact when we partner up with companies. Some of our awesome partners include;

International strategy & design company

Interdisciplinary social impact design studio

Lean UX design and Agile development

Accelerating the critical path towards planetary regeneration

Communication training for leaders to foster action and change

The Determined founders

Marc O’Brien

Marc is a designer, design strategist, and creative facilitator who has been in the social design/impact space since ’09. He’s an active member of Project M, lead strategist behind The Social Good Guides, creator of Hey! What’s good in _?, and has been teaching at California College of the Arts since 2013. His work focuses on social innovation, human-centered design, and purpose-driven initiatives that create positive change in the world. Oh, and he loves to unplug. @think5577 LinkedIn

Sarah Harrison

Sarah comes from the startup world, leading design and development at consumer companies like TaskRabbit and True&Co. She became a design educator in 2015, mentoring aspiring UX designers through General Assembly, Bloc, and Whitespace, and became a trainer at the Prototype Thinking Academy, helping entrepreneurs prototype and test their ideas. She focuses on efficient strategies, collaborative and agile team workflows, and working hard on problems that matter. @sourjayne LinkedIn

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